[Rakujin] Zettai Fukujun Camera Reijuu Scribble

And we have another chapter for you. It’s apparently from the same series as previous Rakujin’s chapter we did – a modern-world hypnosis, this time utilizing a tablet with the right app. Think of the possibilities!!
Courtesy of Leacher01.
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[Takanaga Kouhei] Loli-Can Ch.1-3 (v2)


Better don’t lie to a loli.
Since Zathael decided to bite the bullet with this one as a new project, I decided to go back completely retranslate previously done by me chapters for a good start. The result is, as you can see a special release with all 3 chapters in new version, hopefully with 100% less mistakes and improved editing.
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[Nozarashi] ROYAL Medaka SCRAMBLE

And one more, unexpected even to me, share of the evening. I was asked to make a simple TLC of it for Afro, but it turned into translating from scratch. I hope some of you will like it. It’s something like a joint with Afro. It’s a doujin of some manga named Medaka Box – never heard of it or anything though, but I like Nozarashi’s ahegaos 😉
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[Kaientai] Medapani Quest Alena Hen

Last commission we did for Flash.Killer. As with previous Kaientai’s book – Afro Thunda did typesetting and some cleaning. Story is about Alena trying to save Kiryl, but she chooses wrong team for her quest. It has some references to DQ (like spells – damn, finding that was pain in the ass), I used USA version of names where possible. You can expect some breaking Kaientai-style.
Well, without further delay – Enjoy.
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[Kaientai] Confu Fantasy Lightning Hen

Go forth, Lightning-chan!!
We’re bringing you a doujin of Final Fantasy XIII that I did for Flash.Killer guy a while ago. Girl named Lightning is being put under some mind alteration program and becomes a slut, thinking that’ll save her sister. Pretty wordy one. Also – Afro was nice enough to help me with cleaning it and did most of the typesetting, thanks ^^
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[TAKE] Brave Maiden Kanin Sange Ch.2

Another chapter of hentai in MMORPG realm. This time we’re gonna witness Shinobu’s tortures. Turns out there are some other forces working in the shadows of Artega’s mazes and the source of it is some middle boss. Also, this one’s pretty twisted chapter XD
Chapter brought to you by GjustG.
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PS: I’ll try to come up with a release queue tomorrow/the day after, sorry for no info atm.