[Namonashi] Maken no Kishi Ch.4

A new challenger appeared. And it’s a… Dwarf who suspiciously strongly resembles a kitsune… If you’re familiar with the story, you don’t need introduction, if not, I suggest you look for previous chapters. Generally, we have a human princess and a dark elf princess fight against monsters with help of a magic sword, whose fuel is… female sex juices.

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[Jukuseiya Koubou] Tentacle Tamer! Episode 3 Act 3


Yep, we’re now working on this series. Expect parts 4 and 5 to be out soon as well. If you’re not familiar with this title – it’s a story of a group of friends accompanied by some supernatural “familiars”, they got abducted by a succubus girl in earlier part, and this part tells what happened then. Lotsa yuri and tentacle plays is waiting for you…

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