[ONEONE1] Ikimakuri Mash

Umm, I’m honestly at loss of words for this story… Apparently Mash gets a little “break” from experiments only to get even more training, we have multiple insertions and expansions, everything spiced up by a lot of text and pages.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[OVing] Pet ni Natta Futari + Mama ni Natta Futari (C100 bonus)

How about a set of a tall busty woman and a short busty woman? If you’re into either of those, you will enjoy this book for sure… In other words, what happens when Galleon and Fediel march into enemy base without any backup… You’d think since they’re the Six Dragons, they’d be invincible… So, which one is your favorite?

It’s a pack of the main book and a short bonus for C100 which is a sequel to the story, I guess.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[Ohta Takeshi] Succubus Distortion! Ch.5 [Digital]


There seriously was no image I could use for preview in this chapter. I hope you like some crazy tentacle play from under Ohta’s pen. This concludes the main part of the book, continuation can be found in Angelic Desire.
Courtesy of Khalikryst.
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