[Shiina Kazuki] Isekai Shoukan Ch.1

First chapter of the new project. The story revolves around a certain guy who got transferred to another world. I hope you will enjoy it, since it’s like 3 books (and going?), so there’s a lot of story to cover. The first book is already commissioned, and the works are proceeding, so if you’re interested in seeing more of it, you can catch me to ask about the 2nd volume. At least the 1st books is all happy sex.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[CHOMA] Sayonara Kaa-san

Today’s share is a story of a MILF getting roped into some problem with yakuza because of her son. And we know there’s only one way to solve such problems in hentailand… I hope you will enjoy it… And that contract is some serious business, so don’t miss it (wink).

Courtesy of anonymous.

14/02 Edit: Updated missing text on page 4.

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[Hori Hiroaki] Saki ~Kazoku Meikyuu~ [Complete]

And here’s the 3rd book of the night. I haven’t worked on something this deep in quite a while. The whole book is one long story, and it’s got ups and downs too. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Courtesy of SL-Gundam.

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[Erect Sawaru] Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II -PANDRA saga 3rd ignition- Ch.13

In this episode – Aphrodite is being surprisingly affectionate. I hope you will enjoy this chapter, since the plot somewhat thickens from this point onwards.

Also, still nobody showed interest in getting the 4th volume done (though I guess that’s to be expected, since the 2nd one isn’t even completed yet).

Courtesy of Crevab.

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