[CHOMA] Sayonara Kaa-san

Today’s share is a story of a MILF getting roped into some problem with yakuza because of her son. And we know there’s only one way to solve such problems in hentailand… I hope you will enjoy it… And that contract is some serious business, so don’t miss it (wink).

Courtesy of anonymous.

14/02 Edit: Updated missing text on page 4.

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[Takayuki Hiyori] Fukujuu Toshi Megalomania Ch.1

Today’s share is actually the first chapter of a longer story, but at the moment of writing this, I don’t have plans for continuing it. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it seems like the humanity is facing extinction, and the only way to survive is to become an animal hybrid. But not everything goes as planned…

Courtesy of qazzy.

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[Kikuichi Monji] Benjoin no Oshigoto

And yet another chapter by the artist. It seems to be a bit of a chronological prequel for the earlier stories I translated. Unfortunately, the two girls from the earlier parts aren’t in this one, and I heard there were fans of them out there. I hope you will enjoy this chapter never the less.

Also, since my twitter was a target of some reports, I’m forced to stop announcing new releases there. Or at least making ones with links, I’m not sure.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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