[Erect Sawaru] Raikou Shinki Igis Magia III -PANDRA saga 3rd ignition- Ch.20

You gotta love it when they call themselves cute~ So, umm, in this chapter, we will find out what happened on the ship while Fumika was way, our star this time is Helio.

Courtesy of Crevab.

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[Ohta Takeshi] Succubus Distortion! Ch.2 [Digital]


Mahnya strikes back.
Another chapter from Succubus book for you. This time it’s clean tentacle story and it’s as intense as ever, with gaping and body modifications, so all the best things from Ohta’s dictionary. Enjoy~
Chapter courtesy of Khalikryst.
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[Emua] Ryouran Gakuen Kakumeiki – Hyakka Ryouran! Ch.8

Next in line is another chapter of yuri academy. It’s a side story, actually, featuring the girl who induces everyone to bully her with her presence alone. I hope you will enjoy it.
Chapter courtesy of anonymous and Facult1.
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Japan strikes again. Why do you have to tire yourself when fapping? Just get an onahole with vibrating engine o_O I saw many things, but this one’s pretty convenient. Well, what you’re waiting for? Off you go!

[Ohta Takeshi] Angelic Desire Ch.11-12


That looks grave.
And another part of Angel Orgy for you. Brace for a serious hardcore fucking and lots, lots more things. I hope you will enjoy.
Chapters courtesy of GjustG.
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If you like some hardcore actions, I found some really unique onaholes the other day. They’re supposed to impersonate tentacles… yep, you read it right – tentacles! There are apparently two types of those – red and blue and they look like… well… those tentacles you see in hentai with futa girls… crazy stuff, crazy stuff indeed. Well, take a look at them while I think if I should add them to my wishlist or not…

[Asahina Makoto] Zetsubou Rinkan Gakkou Ch.8-9 [END]


I’m okay with this halloween…

And another book is completed! Are you as happy as I am? I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for your comments.
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[Ohta Takeshi] Angelic Desire Ch.9-10


Another part of angel orgy for your pleasures. Things are getting a little complicated in the Ohta’s world. I hope you will like it.
Chapters courtesy of GjustG.
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Some months ago I saw that ad on youtube for moving cat ears from Japan. I thought “that looks cool” and forgot about it. Now, look what I found on jlist today – moving cat ears from the very same ad! And just how could I not share it with you!? Also, the ad itself is worth checking out!! :3 In case you’re looking for something less luxurious, there are regular cat ears available too, though they’re not as fun.