[Ririo Gatto] Miya-chan 1-nen Choukyou Chuu

My reaction when I saw the amount of edits in this mammoth (too bad I realized it only after I started working on it…) Well, regardless of that, I hope you will enjoy this one. It’s the second part of Miya’s training history… and apparently it’s not even the end yet… There’s technically 3 scenes in this book. I had a chuckle on page 85. Do you have your favorite?

Courtesy of Mikuu001.

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[Ririo Gatto] Sokuhame Dekichau JK Miya-chan no Ichinichi

You have 5 seconds to decide what you do 😉 Anyways, it’s a book about quite an eventful day from a cheerful girl calling herself Miya’s life. We join her for a night, way to school (not) and back home to her uncle who’s clearly a piece of shit pachinko addict. I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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