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  • Yaya Hinata “Tonari no Miko-san wa Minna Warau GO» 
  • Bai Asuka “Boku no Kaa-san wa Yuujin no Mesuinu” GO» 
  • TANA “Oyome Happy Days” GO» 
  • Minority “Negative Kanako-sensei” [FUNDED]
  • Kai Hiroyuki “Chounyuusai” GO»
  • Miyashiro Sousuke “Chichi Miko! Inran Otome Zoushi” GO»
  • Kurokura Eri “Onee-chan to Issho!” GO»
  • Combat Ecchu “Hime to Dragon” [FUNDED]
  • Brother Pierrot “Bukatsu Shoujo Paradise” GO»
  • Asagi Ryuu “Onee-san ga Iyashite Ageru” GO»
  • [HINJYAKU] Kizuitara, Itsunomanika Kimobuta Otoko no Ochinpo Ana ni Tsukurikaerarete ita Onnanoko no Ohanashi ~Nou Kiseichuu Hen~ GO»
Titles marked in red are titles that needs support – green ones have donations met for a few upcoming chapters. Brown titles are stalled projects (possible drop – read more on Donor Projects page).
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Current rules for start-up crowd-funded projects: 2 chapters.

[Asagi Ryuu] Onee-san ga Iyashite Ageru Ch.1

And we’re starting with another project. If you’re familiar with the artist, you don’t need explanations. Though well, this is completely different from the other project we did ages ago – it’s a book with a few short stories, all involving grown women and younger men. To start of, a love triangle between a high school girl, a boy she met and her mother. If you ask me, it’s one of the best stories I saw, the intimacy in it is just amazing, it’d even go well without sex scenes.

Courtesy of Cocblockula.

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[Sabashi Renya] Hotetta Karada o Hitorijime [Complete]


In case you wonder what I do when there’s no shares for a few days… This would be one possible answer 😉 We have for you a complete (re-)translation of a Sabashi Renya’s book. It essentially has 2 arcs – the girl from the cover meeting a shota on a beach and hooking up, and second one’s a story about a lucky MC, his girlfriend and her sister. I hope you will enjoy this treat.

Courtesy of MHM.

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