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  • Yaya Hinata “Tonari no Miko-san wa Minna Warau GO» 
  • Bai Asuka “Boku no Kaa-san wa Yuujin no Mesuinu” GO» 
  • TANA “Oyome Happy Days” GO» 
  • Minority “Negative Kanako-sensei” [FUNDED]
  • Kai Hiroyuki “Chounyuusai” (only chapters done by another group left) GO»
  • Kurokura Eri “Onee-chan to Issho!” GO»
  • Brother Pierrot “Bukatsu Shoujo Paradise” [FUNDED]
  • Asagi Ryuu “Onee-san ga Iyashite Ageru” GO»
  • HINJYAKU “Kizuitara, Itsunomanika Kimobuta Otoko no Ochinpo Ana ni Tsukurikaerarete ita Onnanoko no Ohanashi ~Nou Kiseichuu Hen~” GO»
  • Yamada Hideki “Manyuu Hikenchou”  GO»
  • Warashibe “Class YoMaid”  GO»
  • Hoshikawa Danpa “Sensei No Koto, Kusugutte Ageru” (publication ongoing, inquire by mail)
  • Takasaki Takemaru “Maria-san no Okinimesu mama”  GO»
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[Combat Ecchu] Hime to Dragon Ch.11-11.5 [END]

And we have the final chapters of the book finally officially out. It’s been a wild ride. What will happen to the girls? What about our antagonist? And above all, what will happen to our chaotic evil protagonist, Yoshio? That, and some more in this chapter. While the book ends with a question if it will continue, I don’t think I’ve seen any continuation of the story, so I highly doubt we will see the sequel.

Courtesy of Viper.

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[Hoshikawa Danpa] Sensei No Koto, Kusugutte Ageru Ch.11

The date continues. What will our tickle maniac do with Koshimizu’s request? Will we see some obscene act in the cinema? Is he going to finally make up his mind who to go out with?

Courtesy of KusugirinGargalesis Ghost and an anonymous donor.

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[Miyashiro Sousuke] Chichi Miko! Inran Otome Zoushi Ch.10 [END]

Direct continuation of the earlier chapter, and the last part of the book is here.

Courtesy of Starfox.

This concludes this project, at least until the day someone will decide that they want me to redo the first 4 chapters 😉 I hope it was worth the wait.

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[Tamagou] Hametsu no Itte 2

First release in May, and it’s a long, full-color thing with beautiful art. Things happened in the first book and a female teacher ended up in a physical relationship with her student, and a Go club member. I hope you will enjoy it. For better of for worse, we’re starting with the 2nd part of the story, and the 3rd part is in works as well. I know about there being 4 parts of it, so at the moment of writing this, half of it has been commissioned.

Courtesy of Fiction899.

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[Shironegiya] Hakase no Yoru no Joshu. Soushuuhen (Extras)


The Professor can be quite a gentleman, protecting our cute Lillie like that. In any case, these are mostly extra pages from the compilation doujin released by the artist. A few short scenes, but since Lillie is the main star of them, I believe they’re worth a read 😉

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[Kikuichi Monji] Benjoin no Oshigoto

And yet another chapter by the artist. It seems to be a bit of a chronological prequel for the earlier stories I translated. Unfortunately, the two girls from the earlier parts aren’t in this one, and I heard there were fans of them out there. I hope you will enjoy this chapter never the less.

Also, since my twitter was a target of some reports, I’m forced to stop announcing new releases there. Or at least making ones with links, I’m not sure.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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