[Momozumi Jun] Oshikake Dolce 2

This is actually the second chapter of the story, but the first one was done by someone else already. And the good news is that I’m already working on the remaining 2 chapters of this story, so it should be completed. It’s a kinda love story between a guy who dropped out of school and the girl who actually was the reason he did. How will it unfold?

Courtesy of twodeegee.

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[Ririo Gatto] Miya-chan 1-nen Choukyou Chuu

My reaction when I saw the amount of edits in this mammoth (too bad I realized it only after I started working on it…) Well, regardless of that, I hope you will enjoy this one. It’s the second part of Miya’s training history… and apparently it’s not even the end yet… There’s technically 3 scenes in this book. I had a chuckle on page 85. Do you have your favorite?

Courtesy of Mikuu001.

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[Warashibe] Class YoMaid Ch.3

So, umm, this is the beginning of a three-parter about weird school with maids and a quirky ojou-sama. It’s also the same title as the book, which kinda makes it the main story of the book… Which is oddly not even 1/3rd of the book. Well, it is still the longest story of the book, as the rest is just oneshots, so I guess it makes sense. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of TheDoc.

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