[Warashibe] Class YoMaid Ch.3

So, umm, this is the beginning of a three-parter about weird school with maids and a quirky ojou-sama. It’s also the same title as the book, which kinda makes it the main story of the book… Which is oddly not even 1/3rd of the book. Well, it is still the longest story of the book, as the rest is just oneshots, so I guess it makes sense. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of TheDoc.

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[Tachibana Omina] At Home Harem FudeoroSisters Ch.5-6 [END]

And thus this project is completed. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s amazing how long you can make each chapter… Phew…
Thanks to anon who took upon himself making this project come true as well as my Quality Checkers – Axalon and Pure Energy.
Courtesy of anonymous.
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