[Saigado] The Yuri & Friends ’96

A KoF doujin with only girls. Yuri is in a relationship with her female teammates, and boy is she a pushover. If it weren’t for the fact the girls are futanari, I guess this would be a yuri story… about Yuri. In any case, it’s the first one from the group of 3 books with that pairing I’m doing, so expect more.

Courtesy of peanut8.

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[Neko Matsuri] twitter pics – GuP and Original(?)

Today we’ve got for you a compilation of two stories from Neko Matsuri’s twitter account. One is Girls und Panzer, the second one’s with magical girls, but I don’t recognize them, so that may be original. Either way, enjoy.

Courtesy of Blackmask4911.

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[Genki no Mizu no Wakutokoro] Naraka (mil part)

It’s just a short one – actually, just mil’s part of the bigger doujin. A short story about Leona being exploited. Also included a random one-pager from the artist’s pixiv on a schoolgirl being violated by some dude. Enjoy.

In related news – I have a few more short bits from mil on my list, they’re on various levels of QC stages. And in unrelated news – if I didn’t respond to your mails last ~2 weeks, you may want to send a nudge. I’m working on the next part of Myaa story by Kaenuco and I totally underestimated the amount of redraws in that one, so I probably forgot about you.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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