[Haguruma] Niwasaki Poolside

Now I regret not having a pool in my garden… or having a garden for that matter D; I blame it on that fact that no hot childhood friend ever visited me to give me some sexy times!! So, a hot girl barges in on a boy’s home and we’re having a heartwarming sex between childhood friends in the garden. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of Job Truniht.

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[Akatsuki Myuuto] Lovemare Ch.6-6.5 + Booklet (End of Volume 1)

Now that a blunt answer. It’s not-so-related to the rest of the book chapter (I think it’s the same school and all judging by the girls?), but along with short extra at the end, it concludes first volume.

Courtesy of anonymous.

Thanks to everyone involved in this book – anonymous donor, Axalon, PureEnergy and MrWayne for proofreading/QC. Special thanks to Darkhellsing, who offered himself to help with some edits. See you in second volume soon™!

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[Kinomoto Anzu] Tanoshii Natsuyasumi


The stat of the story – a lonely loli in a part on summer vacation. Luckily the MC isn’t a fat guy 😉
Courtesy of Achcloan.
From announcements: Tomo Haha and Aoi-chan Attack!! are a bit stalled on the “final check”, Love Poro Style is close to completion too (besides checks I have to translate a lot of artist’s notes, which will have impact on it), it’s only in plans atm, but I was asked to do newest Dobato book, Heisei JC in Meiji Yobaimura, it will probably be officially announced soon.
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