[Shunjou Shuusuke] Anoko no Kawari ni Sukinadake Ch.4-4.5 [END]

You visit a woman you have a crush on and — Buuuurn! Well, this is the last chapter of the book, plus extra pages and a leaflet. As all the other chapters, it’s in joint with TLL. Oh yeah, I also did the spreads to the best of my ability and as well as the scans allowed for it, so it’s worth grabbing the big archive.

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[Kai Hiroyuki] Chounyuusai Ch.8,10

Don’t let her appearance fool you… And technically the only chapters missing from the book are here. We’re missing chapters 1 and 9, but that’s because they were done by someone else in the past. Well, if somebody’s interested in having them reworked, let me know.

Courtesy of TheDoc.

When converting old chapters to make sure the version is the best possible (I vaguely remember fixing some typos), I missed one chapter in the batch file, so it’s now fixed.

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[Sabashi Renya] Hotetta Karada o Hitorijime [Complete]


In case you wonder what I do when there’s no shares for a few days… This would be one possible answer 😉 We have for you a complete (re-)translation of a Sabashi Renya’s book. It essentially has 2 arcs – the girl from the cover meeting a shota on a beach and hooking up, and second one’s a story about a lucky MC, his girlfriend and her sister. I hope you will enjoy this treat.

Courtesy of MHM.

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[Hori Hiroaki] DEBUT [Complete]

And 4th! book out today… It’s a set of school-related stories with both students and teachers having sex alike. The last 2 chapters are a bit of a spin on idols, and a bit darker than others as well.

This is what I’ve been doing past year, so I hope you will enjoy every moment with today’s releases… And excuse some delays or lack of releases now and then…

Courtesy of SL-Gundam.

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[Hoshino Ryuichi] Katei Kyoushi ga Ochiru made [Complete]

A complete book release (sic!). It’s a story of the fall of a housewife who was asked to tutor her friend’s son. I hope you’ll enjoy!

Courtesy of SL-Gundam.

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[Momoiro Manjiru] Manjiru Torotoro Ch.11 [END]

Let’s get this off my wall of shame, shall we? The final chapter of the book – a dumb girl goes to great lengths to make a guy who found her schlicking keep it a secret (duh, with that title… 😛 )

Courtesy of Zathael.

With this the book is done, thanks to everyone involved – donors Job Truniht, Zathael, Zebon20 and proofreaders – AfroThunda (yep, that’s just how old this project is), Axalon, blohx3, PureEnergy and Megaton for doing last read – yep, that many people were involved. I’m really sorry especially to Zathael. And sorry to anyone who waited for it to finish, too.

And special thanks to Job Truniht for kicking my ass into getting it released faster every time he came with new commissions.

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[Akatsuki Myuuto] Lovemare Ch.13 [END]

Be careful when you make fun of your friends, I guess. Kabuki turned into that prick because of what happened when he was little.

Courtesy of anonymous.

And finally last part of Lovemare is out! I’m really sorry that there was no release since the New Years. But we’re re-starting it with a bang, I hope. With this, Lovemare is completed. I hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks to anon who donated it, Axalon and Job Truniht who proofread/QCd it, and Darkhellsing, who was kind enough to help me with edits for this book.

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[Nishikawa Kou] Tomodachi no Haha wa Boku no Mono [Complete]


Well then, what we have here is a complete book release. Yes, right off the bat a complete book. It’s mostly incest stories. I hope you will enjoy this one!

It’s courtesy of SL-Gundam guy so thanks to him, as well as to Axalon and Megaton for dealing with proofreading. Also, it’s supposed to be a secret, but I have more of stuff lined up… just… proofreading issues these past  months ;x Hopefully they will be resolved soon!

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