[Sabashi Renya] Senpai-tachi to no Gakuen Seikatsu Ch.7 [END] + Uncensored

And we pick up where we left off in the last chapter. is this the end of the dream for out MC?? Final chapter of the book is finally here!

Courtesy of H.Prevails.

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[Xration] MIXED-REAL Union (Kuroayu and Union Parts)

Today’s share is a bit longer than usual (though the book it’s coming from is even longer, so – whew that would be a lot of work to do). Two parts from the compilation, titled Kuroayu and Union. I hope you will enjoy.
Courtesy of anonymous.
Note: We have decided to drop Loli to Bokurano and everyone who donated towards the part we dropped has been refunded, the short full-color chapter will show up in near future, but do not expect anything else from it.
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