[Asagi Ryuu] Onee-san ga Iyashite Ageru Ch.5

So, this is the second chapter of a bittersweet romance of an older lady with a part time worker. You could say with all the stuff they’re doing, it’s like she’s having the second youth. I hope you will enjoy this one and tune in for the final chapter in the future.

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[Yamada Hideki] Manyuu Hikenchou Ch.7

The first chapter of the 2nd volume is finally here. I hope you will enjoy it. Unfortunately, since only half of the book is now commissioned, and since I wasn’t able to build up enough buffer, I don’t think we’ll be able to make it a bi-weekly release like with the first volume. Well, for the time being, you can expect 2 more chapters. Also we got our own special scan for this volume, which means the quality will be superior to the first book.

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[brilliant thunder] brilliant thunder Original Soushuuhen – Kakioroshi

So, uhh, do you remember the few doujins about girls going to comiket to have sex? This is a bonus story to those – the sole real otaku girl, and a hentai manga artist in one, finally made it back to the convention with a new work… But her efforts are thwarted by her horny friends… Or are they? In any case, I hope you will enjoy this one… It really took me too long to finish this series. This is technically chapter 4.5 or 5, depending on how you want to number them.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[Hoshikawa Danpa] Sensei No Koto, Kusugutte Ageru Ch.12

Can you say no to that face? In any case, here’s another chapter of the ticking story for you, how will Aguri’s confrontation with Ogura-sensei unfold after his date with Koshimizu? Also, Ogura has surprisingly nice ass that’s well captured on one of the pages… Almost as good as Kawai from Hakozume OP.

Courtesy of KusugirinGargalesis Ghost and an anonymous donor.

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[Warashibe] Class YoMaid Ch.3

So, umm, this is the beginning of a three-parter about weird school with maids and a quirky ojou-sama. It’s also the same title as the book, which kinda makes it the main story of the book… Which is oddly not even 1/3rd of the book. Well, it is still the longest story of the book, as the rest is just oneshots, so I guess it makes sense. I hope you will enjoy this one.

Courtesy of TheDoc.

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[Takayuki Hiyori] Fukujuu Toshi Megalomania Ch.1

Today’s share is actually the first chapter of a longer story, but at the moment of writing this, I don’t have plans for continuing it. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it seems like the humanity is facing extinction, and the only way to survive is to become an animal hybrid. But not everything goes as planned…

Courtesy of qazzy.

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[Erect Sawaru] Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II -PANDRA saga 3rd ignition- Ch.8

And we’re (finally) starting with the 2nd volume of this story. I kinda hoped to release a few chapters at a time, but the work isn’t proceeding as fast as I would like it to. For consistency’s sake, the last 3 chapters of the 1st volume will be officially numbered 7.x, so we can resume numbering of the 2nd volume from “8”, which is also the number of the chapter in the story. In this installment, we’re going to get some back story on the delicious brown cat girl above. Expect the next chapter in roughly 2 weeks.

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[Combat Ecchu] Hime to Dragon Ch.11-11.5 [END]

And we have the final chapters of the book finally officially out. It’s been a wild ride. What will happen to the girls? What about our antagonist? And above all, what will happen to our chaotic evil protagonist, Yoshio? That, and some more in this chapter. While the book ends with a question if it will continue, I don’t think I’ve seen any continuation of the story, so I highly doubt we will see the sequel.

Courtesy of Viper.

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