[Nishikawa Kou] Tomodachi no Haha wa Boku no Mono [Complete]


Well then, what we have here is a complete book release. Yes, right off the bat a complete book. It’s mostly incest stories. I hope you will enjoy this one!

It’s courtesy of SL-Gundam guy so thanks to him, as well as to Axalon and Megaton for dealing with proofreading. Also, it’s supposed to be a secret, but I have more of stuff lined up… just… proofreading issues these past  months ;x Hopefully they will be resolved soon!

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[Natsu no Oyatsu] Chibo Soukan Ch.9 [END]


This is the last, and the dirtiest chapter. I hope you enjoyed this incest-filled book.

Courtesy of cocblockula.

Along with the last chapter, we’re sharing a completely-overhauled previous chapters, by now hopefully without any other mistakes. Thanks to cocblockula for taking it upon himself to commission this book, as well as Axalon and CellTF for their linguistic knowledge and suggestions. Thanks for sticking with me until now and have fun reading yet another completely translated book from me.

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[Otochichi] Chuppon Onna no Vacuum Fella Ch.6

I don’t know why, but I enjoy when MILFs put on their old clothes, or otherwise clothes that don’t suit their age, and this one is quite an exquisite sight. So, we have a kid who’s secretly in love with his Mother, all because he saw her old recordings from the time she worked as an idol. I hope you will also enjoy this one.

Courtesy of Cocblockula.

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