[Jyouren Kishidan] Mamono no Maou Mamono

And second share of the day – a little doujin we did for D-M. Maou gets the short of of the stick during negotiations to get support for her truce deal.
Brought to you by Doujin-Moe.us.
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[Yuuki Ray] Shota Eater Ch.4


And another chapter from Shota Eater for you. The title of this chapter made me giggle a bit, actually. It’s so fitting, haha. I hope you will enjoy.
As for the rest of the book… I have to round up someone to do QCs, haha.
Courtesy of Khalikryst.
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[Shinjima Saki] Purama Dairetsuden


Quite a random oneshot about 3 lame guys who are into plastic models and totally missed a chance to get down with their classmate… the rest is spoiler…
Note that the term we used in that story is pretty much made-up by me.
Note: We have 3 more chapters from this artist in workings.
Chapter courtesy of Flammz.

Holy fuck, look what I found!!! A Kyojin mask :O Now, that’s one way to make your friends piss their pants.

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[Jingai-Makyou] Idol Legend – Wanted to Fuck Her Up

I have to admit, that was my first meeting with that character from [email protected] I think’s she’s from Cinderella series and she’s a tsundere thug girl… this time getting the short end of the stick.
It’s another commission from dj-moe released today.
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[Hirohisa Onikubo] Trick-Ster Ch.8 [END]

Chapter courtesy of DrtyBird.

And the next book completely translated. I hope you enjoyed this fare with us. My thanks go to DrtyBird, Afro Thunda and all of you, who commented on the blog.
BU / FF / DF
But if you want only the last chapter, here it is:
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[TAKE] Brave Maiden Kanin Sange Ch.8 [END]

Last chapter – with a nun kind of girl.
Chapter courtesy of pLx.

Tonight’s feast is (finally) completed brave bitch book. I hope you liked it at least a little.
Boy, it was a really crazy trip. Thanks to the donors: GjustG and pLx, as well as to Afro Thunda for spending hours working on those chapters with me. Thanks for reading and all your comments guys!
US / FSo / DF
And in case you want only the last chapter:
US / FSo / DF
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[Nozarashi Satoru] The Dirty Randori She Brought On Herself Ch.1

We’re bringing you a story I translated for Raikoh… actually quite a long time ago, haha! Where to begin, damn. Art is really awesome and the story had a good spin-off, but some of you may find it rage-worthy. The girl’s kinda abusive bitch, but she has skills. I wouldn’t bother if those guys had balls, but in this situation, I actually raged.
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