[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.UP!! [END]

Something about Nayu is different, don’t you agree?
Aaaaaaand we’re done with the longest and oldest of our projects!! I hope you enjoyed it, or in case you’re one of those who don’t start series not completely scanlated – that you will enjoy it. Actually, this is the series I started working on back when I started translating (few months later), so there were some mistakes along the way, thankfully corrected by proofreaders and quality checkers. My editing at first was bad as well, but it evolved along the way and I hope it’s much better now. I suppose this could mark an end to a certain era in my working. I wish to thank a bunch of people. I hope I won’t forget anyone.
anonymous (who commissioned quite a big chunk of last volume)
Sudz (who actually commissioned almost all of the series)
Zathael (who commissioned this project from me despite not being too much into pure ecchi stories, iirc)
Proofreaders and QC:
Afro Thunda (nuff said)
Altereggo (QC)
Chaosrains (he actually got through QC of one of the volumes quick enough)
Len (good old times, I hope he sees this and remembers that time)
And special thanks to Kuropon for scanning second volume for us.
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[Nakata Yumi] Chu-Bra!! STEP.47

OH NOES!! No more Pantsu-Bra!?
We’re almost at the end of the story and Nayu decides to disband her group… I hope you will enjoy this chapter. ETA on final chapter? Whenever Afro decides to check the volume (and eventual additional QC if I find willing enough person). Do you want a batch including all 7 volumes too, when we’re done?
Chapter courtesy of anonymous.
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