[Murian] Mochi Mochi Hime Ch.12-13 [END]


It’s been way too long since this project was started, but we finally present you with the final part of the book, It’s your usual Murian cuteness with a bit more dicks (one is plain yaoi), but we hope you will enjoy it either way.
Courtesy of anonymous and T. Starrk.
Great thanks to everyone involved – Job Truniht, Makoto, Leona, T. Starrk. Zathael, anonymous, Afro Thunda and PureEnergy. And double thanks to Job Truniht for coming out of his way to help us find another QC for this book.
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[Nozarashi] ROYAL Medaka SCRAMBLE

And one more, unexpected even to me, share of the evening. I was asked to make a simple TLC of it for Afro, but it turned into translating from scratch. I hope some of you will like it. It’s something like a joint with Afro. It’s a doujin of some manga named Medaka Box – never heard of it or anything though, but I like Nozarashi’s ahegaos 😉
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.7

Talk about little terrorist.

They finally realized it, heheh.
We’re back with new part of vampire story. Putting aside mischievous loli dropping by, Runa and Sagiri team up to assault poor Yuuki. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did 😀
Chapter courtesy of Raikoh.
Hey, we have some other girls you may want to invite to your house and give free meals.
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And a bulk of all the chapters to this point:
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[Itou Ei] Anata wo Sutte mo iidesuka? Ch.3

Another girl in a harem: Sagiri-chan, charm points: peerless, wears spats, uses brute force.

They say that if you don’t comment, they’re gonna leave.
Another chapter from Vampires, this time with one of the best blowjob in the book – you just gotta see this! This chapter marks 1/3rd of the book btw.
Chapter courtesy of Ehud.
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And bulk of chapters 1-3 for sleepy heads:
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PS: Make a notice of new yuri doujin on Ika Musume we’ll be doing thanks to Azure X that’s mentioned in sticky.