[Takanaga Kouhei] Loli-Can Ch.10-11 [END]


That title… It just can’t end well… I hope you will enjoy this one.
Courtesy of K645.
And finally done with this one. I hope you enjoyed the trip to the Loli-Can world with its casual sex stories. Whew, I can’t believe it’s finally done…
With big thanks to anonymous, K264 and Zathael for commissioning this book as well as Afro Thunda and PureEnergy for their proofreading help.
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[Takanaga Kouhei] Loli-Can Ch.8


Whoops, this one got a bit sidetracked. Here’s another chapter. I like it when there’s some humor and this one did have that, otherwise it’s the standard Takanaga’s fare with a quick sex. I hope you will like it as well.
Courtesy of anonymous.
Next ones will be, depending on how things happen (namely, if Afro does what I asked him yesterday) the rest of Kemonono, Nendo, Itou Ei, Otono Natsu, or something completely different 😉
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[Takanaga Kouhei] Loli-Can Ch.4


Them fighting lolis.
Another chapter from lolican book for you. Two girls fight each other over everything, including a boy. They don’t stop at just fighting over him indirectly, of course. I hope you will like it.
Chapter courtesy of Zathael.
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Chubra will be out in 2 days.

Sooo, I was just thinking what I could highlight this time and guess what I found out about (accidentally). There is new parody onahole out!! A set of two (for now) holes from Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae areba kankei nai yo ne to chose from – Akiko or Anastasia versions!! I’ve already saved them to my wishlist~

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[Takanaga Kouhei] Loli-Can Ch.1-3 (v2)


Better don’t lie to a loli.
Since Zathael decided to bite the bullet with this one as a new project, I decided to go back completely retranslate previously done by me chapters for a good start. The result is, as you can see a special release with all 3 chapters in new version, hopefully with 100% less mistakes and improved editing.
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