[Oreteki18kin] HARDEST D1-3 (manga parts)

Umm, we’re having a bit unique treat on the plate this time – 3 short stories on DQ. These aren’t complete titles, just the manga parts of artist’s CG sets, if you’ve seen the previous releases, you can more or less guess what to expect.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[Kaientai] Medapani Quest Alena Hen

Last commission we did for Flash.Killer. As with previous Kaientai’s book – Afro Thunda did typesetting and some cleaning. Story is about Alena trying to save Kiryl, but she chooses wrong team for her quest. It has some references to DQ (like spells – damn, finding that was pain in the ass), I used USA version of names where possible. You can expect some breaking Kaientai-style.
Well, without further delay – Enjoy.
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