[Denki Shougun] Intelli-Mushroom

You have now a megane fetish.

She’s just great – sexy and smart.
This is a oneshot I did for Raikoh not so long ago actually, I hope you’re gonna love this meganekko~ I know I really loved it and Afro Thunda said that he’s ought to find other stuff by this artist ;D
You can get it from me or from dj-moe as always.
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.8 [END]

Damn right, Casablanca!
Expect lots of tentacles, and we’re gonna get to know who’s Casablanca and why she’s hunting angels.
Chapter courtesy of GjustG.

We’re finally at the end of the book. As always, we wen’t behind to catch any mistakes, spellings and whatnot for you. I hope you enjoyed this series and I’d like to give my thanks to GjustG, Afro Thunda, Zetsu and Len once again. Thanks for all the comments!
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HF / UP / DF
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[Hitagiri] Pizza and the Little Bully

Nice Chubby Schoolgirl~

Oh yes 😀
A oneshot I did for dj-moe a while back – I don’t know where was it published though.
A story by Hitagiri about a chubby girl that has the thing for a fat otaku… world’s luckiest bastard!! Also, it has a D-AAAAAAAW~ ending
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[Urajirou] Chiisana Koigokoro Ch.3


That’s a serious shock.
So yeah, last chapter of random stories from Urajirou’s book. I was going to include fourth chapter this time, after making few adjustments, but… oh damn, I didn’t think it looks so bad compared to my quality now. Due to lack of time, I didn’t prepare it this time – it’ll show up in v2 with next release (that’s an exception, as I correct chapters at the end of tank, as you may know). So yeah, enjoy your random mangaka and his niece romance story this time and if somebody takes upon himself mission of delivering chapter 5, it’ll show up with corrected chapter 4 (first chapter from Koro arc).
Chapter brought to you by loli overlord, Zathael.
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The rest of this book has been covered by Zathael, thank you.
This book has been finished, we advise using links with corrected versions from Finished Projects section, or bulk from post with last chapter!!
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[Nagare Ippon] Master-Servant? Relationship♥

He’s her pet… (but she’s so cute I wouldn’t mind being her pet myself~)

A oneshot from Comic Megastore 2010/04 I did for Raikoh a while back. Story about girl that has some kind of trauma and hits men when she’s embarrassed (almost like Inami (<3) from Working!?). Either way, they find faster method to cure her from that in this one…
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[Ash Yokoshima] 3 Angels Short: Full Passion Ch.2.5

I bet you’d like this kind of guidance!!

Another rather random episode – Another Story from Angels. Contains a lot of Kaede and gangbang and many more. Kaede is certainly under the cart in this volume.
Chapter courtesy of GjustG.
This book has been finished, we advise using links with corrected versions from Finished Projects section, or bulk from post with last chapter!!
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[Egao ga Ichiban] Haru Hime Kankan


Meganekko farmgirl~
A little break from usual works:
Another story from Egao, “Spring Princess Violation” – I snatched it from under the noses of LWB’s staff 😛 Also, it’s confirmed, that this circle’s going to release two more pieces, Natsuhime and Akihime~ I’m probably going to make them as well, for the sake of completeness.
Contains Extreme Violence, Blood and other bodily fluids! If you can’t stand it,  just walk away.
If you understood, links are under the spoiler 😛
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[Crazy9] Shouko to Yuuji to NTR

She’s as scary as usual 😀
So, here’s another commission from dj-moe. This time doujin on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.
Shouko is being yandere and she ties Yuuji, but she overdid it and she can’t get him to ‘stand’ xD
Uhh, I like Shouko in Crazy9 style ^__^
You probably already know it, but it’s a NTR.
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[Kanyapie] Ouma-san Gokko



She’s really cute~
A oneshot from Comic Megastore 2010/02 titled “Playing Horsey” about ojou-sama that likes ordering around her personal butler (what is her father thinking!?). Also, the butler interprets his master’s orders the way he sees fit, seriously – I didn’t see it coming 😀
Oneshot brought to you by Zathael, our epic-loli-spying donor.
Get your own ojou-sama.
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