[equivalence] Prepare to Fire!


Another doujin from our queue. It’s Sekiya’s usual fare, which reminded me the most difficult part of working on her titles – the amount of vaguity. Either way, I hope you will enjoy this one. The guy is, from what I remember, a foster dad, but we still tag it as incest due to the feel of the story.
Courtesy of Flammz.

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[Asami Sekiya] Oink

Typical Asami’s moemoe~ loli…
…this time being a little glutton.
There is a lot of hawt emphasizes on girl eating stuff in this one 😀
A little romance story from Asami with funny ending you wouldn’t expect!! My personal thanks to Hayama Kotono for pointing out my error on page 15 – thanks man! Scans were rather low quality with a lot of dirt, so I cleaned them a little while being at that.
Oneshot brought t you by Zathael – our attending one-man Asami deliver.
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.11 + 12 [END]


A Redhood?
Two last chapters from Girls Shower for you from us. Have fun with your loli release of the week.
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Finally here! Finished book from Asami! I sure hope you guys will enjoy it.
With big thanks to proofreaders Len and Afro Thunda and donors Zathael and Fatjoe – I’m sure they want you to enjoy this book thoroughly as well, so have fun!! And don’t forget to leave a comment 😉
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.8


She has an awesome breasts, believe me.
Another story from Girls Shower with a little drama, romance and comedy. I’d like to put more previews, but my no-nsfw policy prevents me from doing that.
Chapter brought to you by Zathael… again ( no I’m not doing this on purpose xD ).
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.7


Awkward moments?

Asami’s lolis are always the cutest when they’re blushing ^^
So, without further delay, here’s last chapter of Kana’s arc from Girls Shower. Enjoy~
Chapter delivered thanks to Zathael – always the cutest lolis around.
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.6


Loli in a tiara… cause every girl likes blinking stuff!

This preview pic is deadly cute! Her cuteness level is over 9000!!
So, here’s second part of the trilogy about Kana. The Junpei guy is pretty perverted – I could sympathize with him 😉
Chapter brought to you by Fatjoe.
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[Asami Sekiya] Girls Shower Ch.5


Asami’s lolis are always so moe~ <3~
Her name is Kana.

Whoops, onii-chan enters jealous mode.
This is the first chapter of trilogy about Kana, her brother and Jun. I hope you’ll like it.
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