[Shiina Kazuki] Isekai Shoukan 1 Ch.1

First chapter of the new project. The story revolves around a certain guy who got transferred to another world. I hope you will enjoy it, since it’s like 3 books (and going?), so there’s a lot of story to cover. The first book is already commissioned, and the works are proceeding, so if you’re interested in seeing more of it, you can catch me to ask about the 2nd volume. At least the 1st books is all happy sex.

Courtesy of Khalikryst.

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[Nikutai Gengo Club] Otonari no Moto Sakura-san Sono Ni

Now that’s some bodacious sight, if you ask me. We have a continuation of a 30-yo Sakura story. TO be honest, I didn’t see it coming. In any case, husband’s still on his business trip. It’s been just a week since he’s gone, but Sakura’s not wasting even a moment to fuck the living shit out of her neighbor. I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of kcz117.

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