[SSB] SNS de Gokujou H-cup Nagachichi o Kakusan Suru Geneki Joshidaisei Cosplayer

Those boobs are hypnotizing. So, we have a girl who’s cosplaying and stuff between her and her boyfriend were sour for a while. And naturally, the guy who’s helping her out with her cosplay activities didn’t let his chance slip. I hope you will enjoy it. I wonder if those fantasies about cosplayers are common 😉

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[Rinjuu Circus] Re:Welcome Sashachang ~Personal photo session~


You already look cute enough, Sasha-chang~ It’s second work with the girl we did and I hope you will enjoy it. Sasha gets dressed as a catgirl and has fulfilling night with her supposed boyfriend. More good news is that the remaining two parts featuring Sasha that came out until now (COMIC1☆14’s FAN.FUN Sasha chang and C95’s Daisuki na Kimi dakara Mechakucha ni Kegashitai.) will be out soon as well! Also, The difference is really minor, sinceafterword in earlier part was literally 3 sentences long, but that’s also been added to the previous partl!

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[YO-METDO] Djeeta x Gra Strike

Indeed, Djeeta’s development is striking in this one. We get to see her wearing a few costumes, including Chun-Li and the Bunny, so there’s something for everyone. After that, we have a little extra story with Lecia. I hope you will enjoy it.

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[Rakko] Muri Kuri Ch.3

She’s…. She’s…. damn, I don’t know what to say xD
This is showing up today on Afro Thunda’s personal request (because there was something else I had planned for today).
Here’s last chapter from Muri Kuri for all of you. The photography club has it’s last chance to avoid disbanding and they decided to go with a Cosplay Cafe, of course with the young teacher as the only waitress. And what would be better than a really revealing costume for a busty girl like this one. They’re of course taking advantage of her airheadness and bad sight, so get ready for some real insanity. Also, this chapter concludes prequel to the Pura-Tina book – Rakko corrected some aspects in the upcoming book, starting from art and ending on humor (I already read like 3 chapters from the next book and each chapter is funnier than the last :D)
Either way, enjoy your airhead busty teacher.
Chapter brought to you thanks to Omega999.
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And a bulk of all 3 chapters from this book:
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PS: I’m NOT going to release any more chapters from this particular book. The next Rakko’s releases will be from Pura-Tina Plus, that directly follow Chinami-chan’s story.
PPS: Next up is some rage-causing stuff, so stay tuned 😉