[Kai Hiroyuki] Delizuma Ch.2-2.5

Being a full-time mother is quite a lot of work, you can’t even have sex with random guys whenever you want, it seems. So yeah, this time out MC picks another neglected housewife from the roster, and seems like she comes in set with a lactation play~

So yeah, chapters up to 4 are at the moment I’m writing this commissioned and in preparation. There’s at least one more chapter left of it (actually a few days ago came out something that looks like it has the same girls featured, but it has a different name, and I didn’t really read it yet, so I’m not sure).

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[Kai Hiroyuki] Delizuma Ch.1

She could give me a hand, if you catch my drift…. In any case, let’s hope we’ll do more of this series, since next chapters have less censoring. The arc revolves around one lucky bastard guy and cock-hungry housewives from a complex building.

If you’re interested in supporting this series in being finalized, send me a mail for quotes!

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[Hiroyuki Kai] Tomo Haha Ch.8 [END]

She’s a fine Ma’am.
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This concludes the book. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks to all the donors – C8567, CellTF, Liquidj, Job Truniht, Makubex, TheDoc, Zathael, and everyone who helped me QCing this book – Axalon and CellTF.
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