[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.6 [END]

Do you still remember her?
And we’re finally done with this project. It’s been a while and I actually thought it will be first project we drop due to lack of interest, but it’s now complete. Thanks should go to anonymous, Grey Fox, wrldtrvlr and Zathael for commissioning it, as well as to Afro Thunda for his corrections. I should mention that he also went back and corrected all the previously released chapters(especially heavy on those were first three, iirc). I went back and (with a little help of my friend) I joined spread pages. I hope they all look okay-ish.
Note: Byakko in 2-3 days (as long as I catch the donor)
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[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.5

My sister is my nurse. Now that’s a theme I could like.
And don’t forget about obligatory sexy doctor in a kinky outfit.
 After a REALLY long break, another chapter from Molesters’ Train. It’s new arc, with quite a dramatic story. Never sign up for testing new drugs without previously being sure it’s not some shady business. I hope you will like it.
I was actually thinking about dropping this one few weeks ago, but wrldtrvlr made his decision before I had the chance. Furthermore, about joined pages – I will probably work on filling the gaps for final version. Hopefully my skills will suffice.
Chapter courtesy of anonymous and wrldtrvlr.
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[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.4

Remember them?
And first release in a while. Tonight’s share is next chapter of metro sex. IIRC it’s the last chapter from the arc, so enjoy it thoroughly.
Chapter courtesy of anonymous.
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PS: BU stands for BulletUpload.
On another note – I wanted to go with FileFactory as a mirror, but uploading files for free accounts is down because of overcapacity. Let me know what you think about the set I settled with for now.
PPS: donor projects page is under reorganization, so prices are down for now – they’ll probably be under links (or they may come back later as well)
PPPS: I’ll be reuplaoding at least part of the releases as soon as we settle down with mirrors for sure – completed books, doujins and oneshots are on that list (in that order of importance).

[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.2

It’s been a while since we shared first chapter of this book (but it was long, so we’re cool, right?). We’re sharing second one tonight. It’s first part of a little longer story, that’s connected to the first one, actually.
Chapter courtesy of Grey Fox.
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[Yagawa Maito] Metro Ecstasy Ch.1

We’re starting with another new book today. As title suggests, it’s about what’s going on in the dark corners of metro. Book consists of two arcs – metro and hospital themed. I hope that despite it not being a loli, you’ll like it. On another note, 30pages long stories, ffs… >_<
Chapter brought to you by Grey Fox.
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