[Genki no Mizu no Wakutokoro] Naraka (mil part)

It’s just a short one – actually, just mil’s part of the bigger doujin. A short story about Leona being exploited. Also included a random one-pager from the artist’s pixiv on a schoolgirl being violated by some dude. Enjoy.

In related news – I have a few more short bits from mil on my list, they’re on various levels of QC stages. And in unrelated news – if I didn’t respond to your mails last ~2 weeks, you may want to send a nudge. I’m working on the next part of Myaa story by Kaenuco and I totally underestimated the amount of redraws in that one, so I probably forgot about you.

Courtesy of anonymous.

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[Xration] Onigashima Soushuuhen (Kakioroshi part)

Don’t let this serene scene fool you – this is the extra part to the Onigashima series that was included in an omnibus released by Mil last Comiket. There’s a bit jumping between topics, but it’s just filled with sex. I hope you will enjoy it.

Courtesy of Jerk.

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[Mushiringo] War Guild’s Rests #2

Delicious horned girl in glasses, what do you want more?
We’re bringing to you some random Regnarok Online doujin. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but it seems to be a Guild versus Guild war time and two sneaky guys take advantage of that… or maybe not? Basically, we’re going thrown in the middle of some war right after a netsplit.
Doujin brought to you by anonymous.
How about going to war against moonrunes yourself?
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