[Taikan Kyohougumi] Nanoha-chan U-Q


If you’re familiar with the artist, you should know what to expect, if not, I shall tell you – it’s a really borderline loli story featuring Nanoha having sex with guys at the bureau under some naive pretext. It’s not much different from what you’ve seen translated from this circle by others before (sadly 100% less Fate and her black pantyhose :C). I guess it’s a take it or leave it deal.
Also – super delayed release is super delayed.
Commissioned by anonymous.
Scan commissioned from Kalevala by HenAi.
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[AXZ] Angel’s Stroke 41


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Fate is not amused…

In fact, she’s mad…

Nanoha is not amused either…

Is there gonna be a showdown? takes out his popcorn
And another share. The last part of  the Nanoha arc from AXZ. Magically, Hayate disappeared though, we have no idea why… maybe she’s been excluded on the way? I have no idea, but you do have Nanoha and Fate to enjoy, so I guess it’s okay?

Chapter courtesy of Omega999.

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[AXZ] Angel’s Stroke 22


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I sense an orgy coming…

That look in her eyes…
And tonight’s share is another stroke doujin about Nanoha this time. We’re closing in to the finale, there’s one more doujin from the series of it, that we’re doing that has number41. Well then, how will Nanoha react when she finds out that the other two is fuck-friends with Erio?

Doujin courtesy of Omega999.

Look, you can have your own orgy as well!

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[AXZ] Angel’s Stroke 10


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Tonight’s share is first from the group of four doujins by AXZ about Nanoha that we’ll be sharing soon. We’re starting off with Hayate’s story. I hope you’ll like it. Also, since it’s a connected story, we’re marking it as a series for future releases.

Doujin courtesy of Omega999.

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